SFTP File Server

You may have heard the term FTP, or File Transfer Protocol at some point. Invented in 1971, while still functional all information is sent in clear text, making it inherently insecure.

A newer standard for FTP branched off from the Secure Shell protocols used by Linux terminal applications for access to remote systems. Secure File Transfer Protocol, or SFTP offers fully encrypted file transfers, eliminating the possibility of interception. Ensuring there is no “man in the middle” attacks and that your data cannot be read in transit was a huge improvement, and SFTP is preferred among the IT community.

CJC Solutions recently completed the construction of an encrypted SFTP server with defined access for nearly unlimited users. It’s a great way to store your backup files without using a public cloud service whose privacy policies can be foreboding at best. Contact Us to learn how you can take advantage of this advancement today!