Rugged Mobile WiFi

Ultramax Sports produces and times endurance sports events across the county. During these events, they need consistent internet access, but also a solid Local Area Network (LAN). Previously, Netgear hotspots were used for internet access, with a combination of various wired and wireless devices for LAN access. After assessment, we provided a solid solution combining ease of use, functionality, and the rugged physical protection they needed.

Powered by ATT’s LTE network, the system is housed in a hard-shell tactical case with impact-absorbent inner foam. Utilizing a wired LTE modem, UPS battery backup, full-featured industrial router, and mesh capable access point it’s ready for any network scenario they could encounter. Featuring capped network ports outside the case, closed operation for rain resistance is possible.

With speeds up to 100MBps download and full gigabit LAN capability, the network can be extended with Ethernet cables. Natively supporting up to 250 clients via WiFi, it outperforms any pre-configured hotspot solution on the market today. Adding the Ubiquiti Networks Bullet M5 and Loco AC, long-distance wireless links can be established, tying devices hundreds or yards away – or a few miles – into the network. The potential is huge, and was just what Ultramax Sports needed.

Just one more example of our innovation, it shows we’re always looking for better ways to support our clients. Learn more about how we can help you by getting in touch!