Network Security

Enterprise grade firewall and antivirus protection for complete network security.

How often do you hear about a company’s network being compromised and data leaked, or a virus taking down computers for hours or days? With the number of global threats, human and bot alike growing each day a layered approach to security is essential.

Network firewalls are your first line of defense, blocking malicious and suspicious activity and alerting you to changes in traffic behavior. Our firewalls are affordable and easy to manage, with built-in functionality for VPNs (easy and secure remote access), traffic inspection, threat prevention, VLANing and more. Seamlessly integrating with our Secure DNS Services, this is a powerful upgrade to your network security.

An essential second layer is your antivirus. Blocking emerging threats with realtime updates and allowing advanced full-computer security configurations, choose to protect your machines with the best available in antivirus technology. Each subscription also allows integration with remote support, so you’re never left to figure out computer issues on your own!