A Case for Backup Internet Connections

Backups are essential. We hear this every day. We use backup batteries for power failure, data backups in case of viruses or hardware problems, among others. But what about a backup Internet connection? Isn’t that just an added expense?

With the advent of working from home, or if you own a business that uses internet for purchasing, inventory, or even just email, time is money. Service Provider response times can vary from minutes to days on fixing problems keeping you from getting online. Having a backup internet connection with a firewall/router that can handle “failing over” to the second connection automatically will minimize the downtime and keep your business running smoothly.

How do you choose a backup Internet provider? Does a service like that cost more than you can afford? Both great questions! Wireless Internet hotspots, available from the likes of ATT and T Mobile make a great failover or backup. You can tie them directly into your firewall, and it’s normally the lowest monthly cost. You can also opt for another line-based service that uses a different technology – think diverse. If you currently have cable, use a DSL provider. If you currently have fiber, use a cable provider as your back up (if you have questions on what service you currently have, give your provider a call). Using a different technology and service provider for your back up means that if there’s a cable cut or a physical problem with one, there’s less chance that other providers would be affected.

While it can be confusing, setting up a backup internet connection and a solid firewall will save you time and money. If you need some help, let us guide you through the process or set it up end to end – just give us a shout on our contact page!

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